About Me

Hi, my name is Helen and over 20 years my passion has been health and fitness - of both the body and the mind - this is about caring for the Whole Self.

Along the way I have trained as a group fitness instructor, a personal trainer and I am a Specialist Fitness Instructor which means I can work with people who have chronic illnesses. I am skilled in therapeutic massage, reiki and Indian Head Massage and for many years I worked with individuals at risk of suicide and/or self-harm where I developed my skills as a therapeutic counsellor. I am passionate about nutrition and am a fully qualified in hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching.

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In short, I take a holistic approach to physical and mental health and fitness, having learned from experience. A number of years ago I was struck down by glandular fever; on reflection I was running around thinking I was Superwoman. I was not eating appropriately; I was not exercising appropriately and I was not de-stressing appropriately. I have since, turned all of that around.

People transform their lives every single day. So what are you waiting for? A happy, fulfilling life is just a click away. Let’s do this, right now!

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