Hypnotherapy induces relaxation and is a pleasant experience.

During relaxation the mind creates new patterns of thinking and changes old thoughts into new more usual ones.

When thoughts change, behaviours change, thus creating a life change.

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Hypnotherapy is a talking therapy involving hypnosis which focuses on your imagination and subconscious to help bring about positive changes to your thoughts, feelings or behaviour. Together, we will decide on the desired changes to work on prior to the hypnosis occurring.

Unlike counselling, psychotherapy or psychology which may involve looking at a number of issues in a conscious way, hypnotherapy often focuses on a singular issue and works with the unconscious. However this doesn't mean you risk losing control or that you can be manipulated to do or think things you don't want to. At all times when being hypnotised you will remain in control and although very relaxed, should be able to talk or get up and leave the room if you want to.

Common issues that can be addresses through hypnotherapy are things such as giving up smoking, phobias, weight loss, insomnia and confidence issues. With this technique, personally I have overcome a fear of bees and wasps.

People transform their lives every single day. So what are you waiting for? A happy, fulfilling life is just a click away. Let’s do this, right now!

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