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Thanks Helen, I have really enjoyed your warm and relaxed support. Much appreciated. I have experienced completely unexpected benefits from the 2 sessions we have had together. I am still amazed that with relaxation and positive reinforcement, such results are possible. I have, without effort, begun a path of self care I didn't imagine I could maintain. But so far, I have stopped smoking without intending to and continue to watch my choices move in a more loving direction. Self sabotage is becoming something I used to do. Can't thank you enough.

Hazel Mccartney

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Having trained with Helen, I know first hand that she will achieve results. Her attention to detail and genuine caring approach is her distinct strength. This coupled with an incredible knowledge base makes her service one of the best I have experienced.

I would not hesitate to recommend her and would urge anyone who's unsure of starting a training programme to contact her. She'll very quickly put you at ease and build your knowledge.

A true five star service!!!

Kenny Dickson

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Helen is a bona fide fitness professional! She lives and breathes fitness! A genuine person who is inspiring, motivating and always brings the best out of people.

Helen is seriously passionate about extolling the benefits of a healthy life, giving practical advice on simple changes to your fitness and diet that will make a notable difference. And it’s all done in a positive manner and with a smile! I have known Helen for six months and I can definitely say my overall fitness, flexibility and diet has improved hugely.

If you want to achieve your fitness potential, I wholeheartedly recommend Helen. It'll be the best decisions you'll ever make!!

Leonard Wong

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Two days ago I couldn’t even be in the same room as a spider; irrational, I know. Yesterday, I had a most relaxing NLP & hypnotherapy session with Helen Glen, looking to overcome my fears. Today, as I sat in the living room I watched a spider work its way across the room as if it was the most natural thing in the world - no more screaming and running for the hills; job done !

Meenakshi Saily

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I had a short hypno session with Helen and I would say its definitely something I would explore again. I felt very relaxed but aware of her suggestions and her voice. Helen explains the process and technique in detail which encourages an open mind and also encourages personal responsibility for receiving this therapy. There is certainly something in this which compels me to ask for Helen's services again. I would certainly recommend Helen for anyone looking for a professional and pleasant experience.

Connie Williamson

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I’m writing this review as I’ve known Helen for about 2 years now and this is enough time to draw some good conclusions on her performance as fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Let’s take the obvious out of the equation quickly: Helen’s technique, skill and attention to detail are immaculate, full stop. From the way she teaches how to squat to the mind-blowing stretches she graciously performs at the Body Balance classes, Helen’s ability to train is out of question.

But where Helen truly stands out is on her ability to engage you to deliver results. Her charisma and ability to adapt to your circumstances play central roles in this ability -she clearly is passionate about her job and has extraordinary skills to relate to people in meaningful ways that are relevant to them. You’ll be more likely to stick to your goals and achieve results if you are engaged and feel you’re having fun, and Helen creates these conditions.

Another strength of Helen is that she will not recite (nor follow) run-of-the-mill, mainstream fitness and nutritional approaches. She is up-to-speed on modern research, especially on the nutritional side, that challenges conventional views that have proven useless for the majority of the population who try and then fail to achieve results despite following the ‘recipe’ to the letter.

I’m absolutely happy recommending Helen to anyone looking for results - you’ll be motivated, have fun and will look forward to the next session/class!

Javier Garcia

Senior Project Manager

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